About Us

We build web applications that make our clients more efficient — and more profitable. Let us do the same for you.

We Believe Software is Transformative.

“Epicenter analyzed all the moving parts of our organization—and gave us software that could manage everything we do. Now we can easily track results and manage operations, volunteers and programs in dozens of countries.”

– Ilya Monroe, Operation Hope


Guiding Principles

  1. 1 Web applications should transform your business.

    We're not just interested in making your current system better. We're interested in developing software that takes your entire organization to the next level. Custom software should provide truly transformative solutions.

  2. 2 Wherever you are is the perfect place to start.

    Bring us your big ideas—no matter where you are in the creative process. We'll collaborate to refine your idea—and create an end product that delivers exceptional results.

  3. 3 Business understanding should drive development.

    We don't write a line of code until we know your business as well as you do. And our process encourages your participation and feedback every step of the way—so you can be sure of the final product.

  4. 4 Great software is not about the programming.

    It's about business needs and usability and market understanding and strategy and your bottom line. Most development houses don't take all those things into account. We do.

  5. 5 Innovation is NOT black magic.

    Innovation is a natural result of a development process that draws feedback from users at every level of your company. We listen actively—and we don't build until we all share a complete picture of your organization's needs and goals.

  6. 6 Your final product should be flawless.

    It's why we build you a prototype you can test drive—long before we build the software. It's why we pull in focus groups of your core users to test it. And it's why we test exhaustively in-house to make our software perfect—before the launch.

The Epicenter Team

  • Clark Valberg photo

    Clark Valberg

    Owner and Co-Founder


    Combining a dynamic history as a leader in application architecture and strategy consulting, Clark Valberg is no stranger to business-focused software design. Starting in his early twenties, Clark has provided software architecture and strategic direction to design firms, technology startups, and global nonprofits — transforming the way they do business.

    In 2003, Clark founded Epicenter and co-invented the Interface-Driven Architecture methodology in partnership with legendary software developer Hal Helms. As leader of Epicenter's client-driven analysis, research, and dialogue experience, Clark brings a wealth of experience guiding the growth and success of companies around the world through the development of software that's relentlessly focused on organizational needs.

  •  photo

    Ben Nadel

    Owner and Co-Founder


    Ben Nadel is the driving force behind the software architecture and implementation of all Epicenter-designed systems—and our client projects couldn't be in better hands. Ben is a sought-after speaker for global IT firms, user groups and conferences. His blog, on “obsessively thorough web application development,” receives over 10,000 unique visitors daily and has established his reputation as a thought leader in the field of software development.

    Ben has developed systems for high profile clients such as Subway, RecycleBank, Sadlier-Oxford, and designed communication platforms used at many of the world's largest law firms, as well as serving as CTO for Nylon Technology.

  • Aaron Henig photo

    Aaron Henig

    Chief Software Architect


    Aaron leads the business discovery process at the onset of most of our projects—interfacing with clients to fully understand their business challenges and develop innovative technical solutions.

    Due to his unique combination of creative and technical skills, Aaron is known at Epicenter as a highly effective problem-solver—and developer of outside-the-box solutions to e-commerce and software challenges faced by our clients.

    Aaron combines proven business acumen with diverse experience in user experience design, information architecture, and emerging technologies. Serving in online application design consulting roles since 1995, he is a knowledgeable and experienced player in every client project—and works tirelessly to align our design and development strategies with client goals to produce outstanding results.

  • Ryan Jeffords photo

    Ryan Jeffords

    Chief Technology Officer


    Ryan Jeffords is one of our key client liaisons, with experience in all aspects of the IT industry—from hands-on programming to project management. But he brings more than technical expertise to the table.

    Ryan excels at communicating technical points in the language of business, ensuring a meeting of minds between our top development experts and our customers. And he knows business—his software innovations have had significant impact on our clients' bottom line profitability.

    In addition, Ryan's design and development work demonstrates a natural creativity that leads to highly innovative custom software. With his combined technical savvy and creative approach, Ryan has a talent for seeing business problems from new angles—and developing truly transformative software solutions.

  • Joy Tabib photo

    Joy Tabib

    Chief Operating Officer

    Our first line of communication to client personnel, Joy specializes in developing custom process enhancements that streamline client projects. With a background in customer relationship management and project management, Joy keeps our clients informed and on-board—and ensures everything goes according to plan.

  • Alan Quinlan photo

    Alan Quinlan

    Software Engineer

    Combining "big picture" strategic thinking with an intuitive creative eye, Alan brings demonstrated expertise in large-scale application planning and development to Epicenter. His next-generation applications are both robust and flexible—and our clients couldn't be happier with the outcome.

  • Jennifer Kang photo

    Jennifer Kang

    Software Engineer

    With extensive experience creating custom web application platforms for both public and private organizations, Jennifer offers in-depth expertise in both front-end and back-end technologies. Her attention to detail and demonstrated mastery of emerging technologies are a strong asset to Epicenter—and our clients.

  • Ilya Fedotov photo

    Ilya Fedotov

    Software Engineer

    Ilya is a seasoned software engineer with two decades of experience using creativity to transform rough ideas into elegant software solutions. His expertise focuses on combining enterprise level application fabrication with 3rd party APIs to result in efficient and lasting products.

  • Sophia Lucero photo

    Sophia Lucero

    Front-end Engineer

    Sophia is an expert in both front-end and back-end development processes—and her passion lies in developing clear, intuitive, and meaningful interfaces for the web. Our clients benefit from her expertise in building sites and applications with stringent usability standards in mind.

  • David Greenberg photo

    David Greenberg

    Marketing Strategist

    David brings over a decade of experience in search engine marketing and optimization to our clients' strategic initiatives. Offering key expertise in online branding and usability, David provides the online business expertise to ensure our client initiatives make a big impression—long after our development work is done.

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