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10 Ways to Communicate Effectively With Your Development Team

These simple tips will help you communicate effectively with your Web Development Team. Think of it as a peek behind the curtain on how we developers think.

Important Things to Note in The Latest ColdFusion Hotfix 8 Update

You MUST reinstall the ColdFusion Web Server connector by running the wsconfig utility after installing 2018 Update 8 or 2016 Update 14.

Latest Software Development Trends – Good vs Bad

Humanity, for some unknown reason, is drawn to trends.  Remember in the 90’s when flannel shirts were all the rage?  Remember how low-rise jeans were the hottest thing around?  I knew women who hated this trend; not because they didn’t like the style, but because...

Despite What You May Have Heard ColdFusion Is Not Dead

Adobe, Inc., the producers of ColdFusion have pledged development and support for the platform for at least the next 10 years.

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