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Testimonials From Our Readers

  • Joachim Marner photo

    Joachim Marner

    “Capturing lessons from agile development and Interface-Driven Architecture, this booklet presents a methodology for greatly minimizing risk and producing high quality software on time and on budget.”

    – Joakim Marner, ADP Payroll

  • Ryan Hartwich photo

    Ryan Hartwich

    “Helms and Valberg lay out an innovative methodology that finally delivers on the promise of Agile Development. Organizations large and small can benefit from the simple elegance of their solution. In many ways this is exactly what the software industry has been waiting for.”

    – Ryan Hartwich, AT&T

  • Rob Matera photo

    Rob Matera

    “An insightful guide to modern software development by seasoned industry veterans. A veritable roadmap to successfully delivering projects on time and on budget.”

    – Rob Matera, Hosting.com

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