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Trusted by the world’s top brands to design amazing mobile and web apps.

Qualified Hardware

Over the last 5 years, we’ve been improving the experience that Qualified Hardware brings to its customers. The results have been phenomenal. This client is a success story that is built on focus, expertise, and simplifying how online hardware retail is done.

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Qualified Hardware

“Epicenter really understood our customers. They saw the need for features no other online wholesaler in our business offers. And we've seen a huge jump in profit with the new site.”

Paul Stetow Paul Swetow, CEO, Qualified Hardware



Seamtrak is a web based platform to help players and their teams compete in various gameplay modes for pitch recognition. We helped design and develop it from the ground up, and exceeded our client’s expectations.

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“I will definitely hire Epicenter again for my next software project.”

Xan Barksdale Xan Barksdale, CEO, Seamtrak


The InVision app bridges the communication gap between design firms, and their clients. Our expertise allowed us to design and develop a proof of concept for what has gone on to become one of the most popular web design tools in the world.

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InVision is used by thousands of designers, small businesses, and corporations like these:

InVision customers

“The incredible creative vision of the Epicenter team is what made InVision what it is today.”

Clark Valberg Clark Valberg, CEO, InVision

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