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Only 29% of custom software projects are delivered on-time, and…

The CHAOS Report revealed that, in 2004, custom software projects were delivered on time and on budget only 29% of the time. Outright project failures accounted for 18% of all attempted projects. The remaining 53% were charitably deemed “challenged” – with cost overruns averaging 43% more than the budgeted amount and with time overruns up to 180% greater than time originally allocated.

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Epicenter's success-rate is 100%

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Our Process

Our process is split into two phases: Architecture and Fabrication. Explore below to see what each step focuses on and how it all adds up to be a recipe for success.


Uncovering Your True Business Needs

The quality of your finished application depends in large part on the depth of understanding the software development shop has of your business needs. During Analysis, we will often ask to interview those involved in the day-to-day work that the project is concerned with in order to understand your business processes. This provides us with a ground-level view of the software requirements so that the way your company works is reflected in the software we create. During this phase, we will identify various user profiles (often with different needs and goals for the software) and create a shared vocabulary that identifies the various users, deliverables, and processes the software must account for.

  • Review existing business process and infrastructure
  • Identify organization/brand position
  • Align goals of the client and the software development firm
  • Identify user profiles
  • Create use cases
  • Develop relational semantic (shared vocabulary)
  • Research supporting technologies
  • Project Analysis Report

UX & UI Design

Crafting the Experience

Once Analysis is complete, we begin a process of designing how users will interact with the software. This is far more than look-and-feel this process provides users with a functioning model of the software. Interface Design is the heart of Interface-Driven Architecture (IDA). Interface Design is a highly iterative process that asks users for feedback, provides a new iteration of the interface, and asks users again for feedback. This process continues until (a) users tell us that what we've shown them is accurate and complete, and (b) we are assured that we know everything we need to proceed.

Typical development methodologies keep the user interface hidden from the user until delivery—when it's too late to make necessary changes. The greatest reason (by far) for failed software projects is that the software delivered does not do what users need. By creating the user interface first in conjunction with actual users, we drive out the risk of project failure.

  • Define site/application structure
  • Create site/application design
  • Design user interaction
  • Completed User Interface software


Constructing Your Product

Interface-Driven Architecture makes back-end coding far easier, faster, and less expensive, since (unlike traditional development methodologies) all the business rules and system requirements have been firmly established. While some shops may specialize in a particular programming language, the language and database should be chosen to best fit the type of project you envision. Further, all code should be fully tested to ensure that deployed software will be free of dangerous "bugs".

  • Develop system component
  • Perform unit testing
  • Perform coverage testing
  • Perform load testing
  • Beta version of application deployed to staging server


Release Your Product to the World

When the preceding phases have been conducted properly, the launch of your project should be a straightforward process. The Deployment phase simply deploys the fully tested and accepted software into a live environment.

  • Prepare server environment
  • Deploy code to production server
  • Production code and supporting documentation

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