AutoiPacket creates a custom digital portfolio on vehicle inventory, allowing sales staff to educate customers on a vehicle's history, reconditioning, current warranty and value.

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Project Summary

AutoiPacket came to us with a proof of concept application that they were using to run their business. With their growing client-base, they tasked us with the job of giving the application a fresh UX and UI re-design as well as a complete ground-up rebuild of the underlying code.

AutoiPacket main screen

  1. 1

    Manage Multiple Dealerships.

    AutoiPacket is a multi-tenant platform that is scalable to allow companies to manage one or many dealerships all in one place.

  2. 2

    Informative Dashboard.

    The dashboard provides users with a snapshot of activity that has occurred within the system such as team and vehicle packet information.

  3. 3

    Modular Information.

    Specific analytics have been hand-picked to deliver vital information to managers. This empowers them and helps them stay informed.

AutoiPacket view packet screen

  1. 4

    Permission-based Navigation.

    Based on assigned roles, users can navigate to various sections within the app to manage inventory, dealerships, staff or reports.
  2. 5

    Vehicle Packets.

    Each vehicle contains a custom digital portfolio of information. This portfolio can contain anything from photos to warranty agreements.
  3. 6


    Adding assets to a vehicle's packet is as easy as dragging and dropping a file. A built-in versioning system helps keep document history organized.

AutoiPacket packet popup

  1. 7

    Managing Made Easy.

    Sending vehicle information is as easy as pointing and clicking.
  2. 8

    Beautiful Photos.

    Photos are stored in high-resolution so a stunning gallery can be sent to interested customers.
  3. 9

    Vehicle Log.

    A detailed log keeps track of when packets are sent and viewed by customers.

AutoiPacket browsing packets

  1. 10

    Vehicle Inventory.

    Managing a dealership's inventory can be a daunting task, so we designed very specific tools to make it easier.
  2. 11

    Searching for Vehicles.

    Advanced filtering and searching capabilities were built to allow users to find vehicles based on their customer's needs.
  3. 12

    Vehicle Snapshot.

    Each vehicle contains a brief snapshot of information such as a photo, year, make, model and price.

The Deal is Sealed

With a growing client-base and increasing demands for a more scalable and powerful platform, we were honored that AutoiPacket chose us to redesign and rebuild their platform. Because of our work AutoiPacket can focus on growing their list of clients and continue adding features quickly and easily. Their new and improved platform will support their business for years to come.

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