AV-iQ is the largest, most comprehensive database of AV product information ever assembled and delivers that information with powerful search tools.

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Project Summary

AV-iQ is the largest, most comprehensive database of audio/video product information. AV professionals have come to trust AV-iQ as the fastest and best way to begin their projects. NewBay Media (parent company of AV-iQ) asked us to help completely redesign their website and give their brand a modern, yet familiar facelift.

New and old AV-iQ logos
Our first order of business was to refresh the AV-iQ brand. Because their brand is recognizable throughout the industry, the change had to be subtle yet reflect a more modern look.
Man holding a tablet

A New Experience

Industry professionals use the latest and greatest technology. Creating a new responsive website design allows visitors to access the site from more devices.

Experiencing “My-iQ”

AV-iQ offers a unique feature called My-iQ. With My-iQ a visitor can build and manage project lists which can contain products, articles, documents and videos. We made it easy for them to setup and manage.

My-iQ account pages
My-iQ dashboard

Hundreds of Manufacturers

With hundreds of manufacturers on AV-iQ we focused on creating an organized and easy-to-use listing page with smart and intuitive search tools to find the brand you're looking for easily.

AV-iQ manufacturer list
Distinct landing pages for each brand in the AV-iQ database provides the visitor with a comfortable and recognizable experience.
Visitors can find any type of product from any manufacturer by using the category tabs and filters within the landing page.

Product Information

The product detail page needed to be easily scannable for product information. We also made it easy for them to contact the manufacturer or find a reseller.

Product Information

Product Comparison and Lists

We made comparing products simple and fast. Within the Product Page a user can quickly add products to compare, or add products to a project list within their My-iQ Account.

AV-iQ grouped products
We made it easy to view commonly grouped products in the “Product Accessories” section. You can compare and add to project list.
AV-iQ project lists
Adding products and accessories to your My-iQ Project Lists is fast and easy. You can even do it directly from the product page.

The Right Gear for the Job

“The team at Epicenter was great to work with, they listened to our needs and came up with a great design. The evidence is in the growth of our site traffic, up 60% since we launched the new design and registered users of the site has doubled. It's a pleasure to work with good people and also see great results!”

Mark Loftus, AV-iQ Operations Manager

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