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NEXT Connect is a breakthrough social application ecosystem which is designed to bring friends and the community closer together.

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Project Summary

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The system that powers the NEXT Connect mobile web app is the epitome of complexity made simple. The NEXT Connect administration system gives the ability to monitor offers and events, users, contributors, and administrators. The system is both robust and expandable: a necessity for every fast-growing platform.

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The system helps administrators monitor and control the offers being displayed, as well as manage user accounts, different administrator privileges, and generates exportable data anytime they are needed.
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The accessibility of the system is apparent in the offer creation (and edit) areas: Users no longer need to learn what to do, thanks to the simplified approach.
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Each offer comes with its own “offer code” page, making the whole process as painless as possible for vendors and partners.
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The system makes it easy for administrators to easily find and organize their offers through a built-in search system, as well as easy-to-use commands and features.

Mobile App

The NEXT Connect mobile app was designed for those on the go. Packing a simple user interface, users of this system can quickly search for offers and events, RSVP, and even check in to claim prizes. With the NEXT Connect mobile app, staying connected to what's going on in your city is a few taps away.

The RSVP system allows users to easily indicate which offers and events they are interested in being a part of.
NEXT Connect mobile app
NEXT Connect mobile app screens
Offers and events are logically listed in a variety of formats to help you find one that interests you.
Once you save an offer or event, the system will keep you posted on any updates as they become available.
Details of an offer or event can be viewed by tapping on each listing. Location, time, and discount details are clearly indicated.

Web App

The NEXT Connect web application packs a powerful punch and compliments its mobile counterpart nicely. With more real estate, the desktop web application allows for a richer experience while browsing NEXT Connect from your PC.

NEXT Connect web app log-in
Logging in to NEXT Connect is quick and painless and helps keep track of offers and events that you're interested in.
NEXT Connect web app offers and events
A rich experience was designed to allow users of the system to quickly locate events and offers and events that might interest them.
NEXT Connect web app event pages
Beautiful event pages were designed to properly deliver all event information for attendees.
NEXT Connect web app account
Managing your account couldn't be easier, and you can even pull in your Facebook profile image with the click of a button.

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