Seamtrak brings a new idea and incredible innovation to the baseball industry. It combines simple training and competitive gameplay to help players get a step ahead of the rest.

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SeamTrak screen
Xan Barksdale

Project Summary

Xan Barksdale is a coach for the East Tennessee State Buccaneers. He has been nationally recognized for both his coaching and playing achievements. Xan has been creating training plans and programs for years to try and improve player's abilities.

He came to Epicenter to get his latest idea off the ground and we were glad to help.

The Client's Pitch

Xan had a great idea in mind and it was our job to help bring that idea to reality. Through close collaboration with Xan, we analyzed how players train and how this process could be streamlined through software.

1 “I want to build a pitch recognition web application”

A novel idea for the industry that would help hone in on skills that pro baseball players require. Through repetitive visualizations of baseball spins, a player could commit that spin pattern to memory.

2 “As a player's skills advance, the software needs to become more challenging”

Daily “workouts” are combined with competitive challenges to help players improve from day to day. The challenges get progressively more difficult as the player achieves better results.

Getting into the Player's Mind

There is value in starting the process with the whiteboard; It's a crucial way to piece the idea together. Through it, we gained a conceptual understanding of how the application will function.

Whiteboard sketching
Early sketches of a basic user flow
Early sketches of a basic user flow. Onboarding the user was an extremely important step; therefore, it was crucial to make enrollment easy as well as making the product simple to understand.
Early concepts of the gameplay
Early concepts of how the gameplay would look. At this point you begin to understand how it will function on a basic level.

Building the Brand

We led Xan through the branding process and helped him develop a brand that is bold, exciting and trustworthy. In addition to providing a logo and color palette, our team also provided custom photography and branding assets for various platforms.

1 Making the letter e look like baseball seams
Finding the sweet-spot to where the letter "e" looked like baseball seams, but could still be read easily.
2 Rotating the e
Rotating the "e" was vital to making it more readable.
3 Removed the tail from the A's
The logo really started to take shape after removing the tail from the A's.
4 Adding the slant
Slanting the logo added a sense of movement and speed.
SeamTrak logo

The Finished Product

The culmination of all of the planning, designing and fabrication. A web based platform to help players and their teams compete in various gameplay modes for pitch recognition.

SeamTrak homepage
Players are guided through a "Quick Tour" which helps them to get familiar with the application.
SeamTrak gameplay
With different levels of gameplay, SeamTrak is an app that adjusts to players of all skill levels.
SeamTrak web app
Players can compete by earning points through gameplay.
Players can customize their gameplay experience.

Training On-The-Go

Making SeamTrak portable was very important. Mobility allows players to train on their tablets anywhere they can access the internet.

SeamTrak on tablets
Shown on Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

The Marketing Site

The marketing site was very important to help communicate the information and importance of SeamTrak. We provided an easy way to digest information and sign up.

SeamTrak marketing site

A Social Presence

Putting all of the brand and marketing pieces together created an exciting and friendly social presence for SeamTrak. Great social interactions can be engaging and profitable.

The tone established with SeamTrak is one of energy, movement, speed and precision. Baseball is a dynamic and fast-paced sport and we wanted to show that through every element of the brand.

Hitting a Homerun

SeamTrak started as a simple dream. Today it is being used by coaches, players and teams all over the country. From rookies to major league players, SeamTrak is changing the way players train.

“The Epicenter team is dedicated to learning your business inside and out. The quality of work that was delivered was far above my expectations! Everyone at Epicenter was a pleasure to work with. I will definitely hire Epicenter again for my next software project.”

Xan Barksdale, SeamTrak

Xan Barksdale

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